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If you’re a person that has been debating on whether or not Latisse is worth the money or have been far too lazy to visit a doctor to get a prescription, then Altisce is for you!  I suggest that you browse through this brief website to give yourself a third-party view of Altisce.  There are a few tips and guides that you must know before committing to an eyelash lengthening product.  As you read on though, you will find that Altisce has the Same formula as Latisse for half the price and there is no prescription necessary!

Comparing Latisse to Altisce

Comparing Latisse (Right) with Altisce (Left)

Comparisons Latisse Altisce
Virtually the Same Product for fraction of the Price!
Contains Bimatoprost Yes Yes
Pharmaceutical Grade Yes Yes
Needs Prescription Yes No
Cost $350+ $199

What is Altisce?

Altisce is a liquid solution that comes in 3x3ml bottles that contain the ingredient Bimatoprost.Altisce has been proven to extend, volumize, and darken eyelashes within a few weeks.  Altisce is an amazing product for half the price as the leading company Latisse.

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What is Bimatoprost?

Bimatoprost opthalmic solution is the key ingredient that, up until now, all over-the-counter (OTC) eyelash treatment solutions lack.  The only other company that contains Bimatoprost in their solution is Latisse.  It is an FDA approved prodrug that has proven to lengthen eyelashes. Altisce contains 0.03% Bimatoprost Opthalmic which ensures the best results with no side-effects.

Are there Side Effects to Bimatoprost?

Although there have been minor reported side effects to Latisse, most of these are very minimal and only happen when users try to overapply the solution.  It is important to be patient with the product. If you read on, there are tips on how to avoid over-applying the solution. Make sure to dab all portions of the area the solution touches except the upper-eyelashes. With careful application, you should never run into any problems with Altisce!

Using Altisce is simple, but there are a few tips that are crucial to optimize results while using the product.

  • Altisce is a liquid solution that must be applied DAILY
  • Altisce is to be used on the upper eyelid/eyelashes ONLY
  • Only ONE DROP is necessary per application
  • You must REMOVE ALL makeup and be sure to wash your face thoroughly before applying
  • Be sure to spend the extra money to get cotton facial cleansing pads for ease of use rather using tissues (this is actually very important so that you remove all moisture from the eyelid
    but not too much from the eyelash
  • Although Altisce claims that you’ll see results in as little as 10 days, be persistent and complete the whole supply because the timing of results vary.

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Does Altisce Work or Not?!

Altisce is a brand new product that just launched in 2011 and already there has been numerous of success stories in just a short amount of time. I personally had the pleasure to meet two users of Altisce who were part of the trial and I was appalled at how long, full and beautiful their eyelashes looked! They were extremely excited to say that after two months of using the product they saw clear results, and by the end of their last bottle their eyelashes were longer, bolder and absolutely stunning. The big bonus to using Altisce for them was that since the end of their order, they have yet to put on mascara on a daily basis. Sure, they still put on all their beauty products when the went out on the weekend and they still curled and used all their beauty products, but the necessity of using mascara everyday or even a few times a week has been totally elminated!

Also, you must keep in mind that Altisce has the EXACT SAME prescription strength formula as Latisse. And if you take a look at the results and popularity of Latisse, you’ll know that any product with the same ingredients will be just as well-performing. Latisse has sold over 1.5 million bottles so that should give you a good idea at how well this formula works!

About the Company

Acsent Meds is a company that has been providing high quality medical and beauty products for almost a decade now. They have provided many medical products that have proven to not only meet, but surpass industry standards. What I truly value of Acsent Meds is their customer service. You can reach them Monday through Friday from 7AM to 7PM CST and talk to a representative directly. Their ability to serve customers gave me confidence to order from them, as it should to you too!

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